The Bluesheep

Work-title DE: "Blauschaf"

The Bluesheep


The Bluesheep as a serial design-object was created by the German artist Rainer Bonk back in 2001. The German work title is BLAUSCHAF (© Rainer Bonk)


NB: Each of our Bluesheep is faithful to the original and an authorized multiple of the BLAUSCHÄFEREI Bonk-Reetz GbR, the company that was assigned the copyright to the Bluesheep (BLAUSCHAF) by the artist.


Each Blue Sheep is unique and a handcrafted piece of its own. They are made from high-density resin, which is similar to hollow terra-cotta. The painting, finishing and packaging of our objects is performed in a workshop operated by SBK Köln gGmbH (NPO) by mentally and physically disabled individuals. Blue Sheep are resistant to any weather influences and even in extreme sunlight, the color will not fade.


We do offer the Blue Sheep at two sizes: In the original size (L: 68 cm x B: 28 cm x H:58 cm; ideally suited for your garden) and mid-sized (L: 34 cm x B: 14 cm x H: 29 cm; ideally suited for indoors).


We do also offer blue lambs

How to take care of your Bluesheep


Blue Sheep (DE: Blauschafe, blaue Schafe) like a quite and peaceful place in your garden or living space. They are fragile, so please handle them with care and don’t pull their ears (and legs). Once in a while, Blue Sheep like to be freed from dust or environmental sediments either with a feather duster or with water, mild dish liquid, and a soft brush. Pressure-washing is a maltreatment that will do irreparable harm to your Blue Sheep.