The Bluesheepfarm

DE: "Blauschäferei Reetz"

We are social entrepreneurs!


The Bluesheepfarm (BLAUSCHÄFEREI REETZ) is our derivative of the BLAUSCHÄFEREI (Bonk-Reetz GbR) that promoted the Bluesheep within the framework of „The Blue Flock of Art Concept“, as a symbol figure for tolerance and peaceful coexistence during 2009 bis 2014.  The Blue Flock traveled mostly in Germany, with 50 to 150 Blue Sheep visiting each location briefly.


Since February 2015, The Bluesheepfarm (BLAUSCHÄFEREI REETZ) produces its own Bluesheep. They are exclusively dyed, branded and inboxed by people with disabilities employed by a non-profit organisation located in the city of Cologne (Sozial-Betriebe-Köln gemeinnützige GmbH).  


We would be much delighted to show you around our premises at the old sawmill at Knechtsteden Abbey or get you in touch with the worksop for people with disabilities. Please contact us!


Yours sincerely

Bertamaria Reetz